Three Ways to Increase Search Engine Optimization For Your Website

Increasing your SEO

Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or wanting to upgrade, your business’ website should work to attract potential customers and generate sales. You can please the eyes of visitors with strong web design, but in order to get more visitors, it is crucial to implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This means your website must start adopting new tactics that are strategic and content-oriented to get pushed to the top of search results pages. Below are three key ways to help your website rise to the top in search engine rankings.

Increasing your SEO


  1. Attract crawlers.

    Google uses a number of web crawlers to scavenge through every corner of the internet looking for new content. Text, audio, video, and photos are all forms of content that these crawlers are on the hunt for and using internal and external links and accompanying keywords across your site can help them get from one thread to another.

  1. Understand your Keywords.

    Identifying keywords for different pages is an extremely important step for SEO. We suggest developing a keyword strategy. Start by listing all of the keywords and long tail keywords that you know your target audience is searching. Once you identify your most valuable keywords, include them in your website content. Readers are more likely to search for a specific concept or topic than they are to directly type in a website. Your keywords should be a natural extension of what you offer your audience. Think of your key words as the cliff-notes version of your webpage.

  1. Keep the Content Coming!

    Great content should be your first thought when posting something to your website. The idea of “something is better than nothing” does not apply when wanting to boost your SEO. You will want to publish valuable content that is relevant, of quality, and significant. Traffic will increase when your content is shared. This will then improve your site’s credibility, value, and relevance, which will push you to the top of search engine results.

So when will your website rank?

Our digital world has led us to believe that everything happens instantaneously. Sites like Amazon have conditioned us to think that whatever we want can be in our hands in as little as 12 hours. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to everything, especially not to your marketing efforts. When dealing with search engines, patience is key. It could take months for your website to begin ranking and if the competition is high for your specific keywords, it could take even longer. Sharing content on social media pages will help in the ranking process and linking to other directories, like Google My Business, will also assist in making the SEO ranking climb shorter. It is practically impossible to begin ranking on Google searches overnight, but if you pay close attention to these items, it won’t be long before your business starts showing up.

At BG Digital Group, we have designed and optimized dozens of websites that not only leave clients satisfied, but also ensure these websites are appearing at the top of search engine results. We are a Google Partner agency with AdWords and Analytics certified team members who are ready to help your business succeed. When you are ready for audiences to view your site at the top of their searches, contact BG Digital Group today.

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