Executing a Social Media Campaign Without Waste

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be extremely useful to small and large businesses, regardless of budgets. Some companies question the legitimacy of social media advertising. It really does work! It depends on how you spend your money, execute your plan, and continue to produce meaningful content for your pages. To help businesses avoid wasting money and to use social media marketing in the most effective way possible, below are a few tips that are great to follow and keep in mind:

Avoid Hiring “Bots” for Posting And Commenting
Bots are a way that businesses can see an opportunity to have something else take care of their social media marketing. While it’s true that you won’t have to be posting while having a bot run your social media, it’s definitely not the best way to get true engagement and exposure because many social media users can see through a bot. The best way to have engaging posts on your page is to create them yourself with homemade content and real engagements between your business and its consumers. Using a bot will make your posts too similar, un-engaging, and often very impersonal, causing some viewers to wonder what’s going on with the repetitive content. If you don’t have time to post to social media, but you still realize how important it is to be involved on social media, it’s best to plan ahead of time. At BG Digital Group, we plan our social media posts far in advance, providing enough time for the perfect content scheduled at the optimal times. That way, it’s already done, the content is there, and the stress of thinking of a post for that day is gone.

Do Your Research
The algorithms and advancements of social media are ever-changing. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all updated the way they organize exposure for the millions of daily posts. For example, Instagram once had a focus on hashtags. The more hashtags you placed in a post that had to do with your product or focus, the better exposure your post would have due to others searching hashtags. Now, it’s better to only use a few hashtags that are unique and strategically geared towards your product and your post. The Instagram Story was a new addition to the platform within the last two years, too. It allows you to share real time events with your followers, which can include anything from event promotion to product promotion. Instagram now has a huge focus on Stories, and creating these for your business, according to the new algorithm, will spell success for your social media plan. Social media marketing is heavily based on strategic planning. Being able to research and know the changes brought about by these platforms will bring your business to the forefront of the competition in no time.

Set Concrete Goals
Social media advertising is done to achieve the obvious goal to increase your inbound marketing. While it’s a great goal to have, that’s also every other business’ goal on social media too – including your competition. The formula of a strong social media plan is centered around concrete, definable goals that must be set with each dollar that is spent. It’s not just about generating results, but rather, what is each ad going to do for your business. When starting out, it’s good to set small goals for every ad for what you would like achieved regarding clicks, brand awareness or lead generation.

BG Digital Group knows how to execute a great social media marketing ad campaign while being conservative with budgets. We plan every post to be engaging, successful, and worth every dollar spent. We’ve managed a variety of social media campaigns from many different industries. We’re always training to learn about the changes happening in social media while adjusting our plans to meet the needs of the latest social media trends so you don’t have to worry! Have any questions about starting or revamping your social media marketing campaign? Feel free to give us a call today.

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