5 Tips For Writing Content For Your Website

Syp 6337

We know you are busy and writing content for your website can be overwhelming but we’re here to help keep it simple and easy. Below are 5 tips to make writing your content and making your website search engine optimization perform better too!

Write For Your Audience You Want To Attract
Take a step back, review your current content and make sure you are speaking to your audience. People are super busy and often may be viewing your website at work, on their phones or at home in front of the television. People are distracted and likely multitasking, so your website content needs to be clear and quick to the point to capture their attention.

When writing your content, make sure you state your customers’ problems, how you will solve them and how they’ll feel once they use your product or service. Position your company as the guide who will help your customers find success in what they are searching for.

Remember not to use “I’ and “We” frequently. Focus on the customers’ needs by using “You” in the content and how your company will help them. Try to limit talking about yourself but rather how your customers will benefit by working with your business.

Make Your Content Scannable
Nobody is going to read every word of your website, but they will scan it. Use sub-headings and bullet points to help break up content and keep paragraphs short between 2 and 3 sentences. Structure your content so it is easy to skim so as someone scans your page they can get the gist of your offerings and decide if they want to read more details.

Write Your Content First
Some want to wait to send content in after the design is completed. That is the wrong way to approach your website project. Your content will help the developer and designers understand how to best design your website. It helps the developer/designer understand the main focus and goals so that the design can reflect your goals and design to enhance your content.

• Make a list of your pages and subpages and which ones you’ll need content for.
• Set one goal per page and what the content on each page should focus on. For reference, your Home page should spark their interest and lead visitors to your subpages. Your services page should showcase how you will help people and how you’ll serve them.
• For each page, make a list of bullet points of what each page should contain, include content ideas, images and graphics you want to use and where forms should go.
• Once you have your list of pages, goals and bullet points all you have to do is start writing!

Writing For SEO Is A No No
SEO, or search engine optimization, is extremely important when writing your content but Google rankings shouldn’t be your sole focus when writing your content. Google understand when you are writing for SEO and may actually penalize your website for stuffing content with keywords even if they are the right keywords you should use. Focus on writing what your audience would want to read and how you’ll help solve their problems or provide them with an excellent service.

Keep It Simple
Write in the most basic way that you can. Don’t try to be clever or overly formal. Sometimes clever wording can be confusing if someone doesn’t get your humor. If you confuse, you’ll lose.

You also want to show your human side and how you would really talk to a customer. Try not to use the thesaurus too much because you want the website to reflect your business’ voice not someone else’s.

Writing content can be time consuming and overwhelming but remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can also tweak some of your wording later. We’ll even train you on how edit your website content so that you don’t have to stress too much out everything being perfect.

If you find that you just don’t have the time to write your content or need help, reach out to us. We have copywriters at BG Digital Group that can help too!