5 Reasons Why You Need A Welcome Email Sequence

When someone completes a form on your website, do you have a welcome email sequence in place? If your answer is “no” or “I’ve meant to do that”, then keep reading because we are writing this blog for you. I’m going to explain why every business using email marketing should have a welcome email series for their new subscribers.

There are so many benefits to giving your new subscribers an email sequence also known as welcome emails. Our top 5 benefits are below:

  • First Impression – You only get one chance to make a first impression and a welcome email can help your potential customer feel heard and validated quickly. Deliver a great first impression through a warm and kind email and you’re already on your way to building a good relationship. 
  • Trust & Credibility – In new relationships, you must start building trust immediately if you want to win their business. Show your new subscriber more about who you are, how your company can help them, why you started your company, and how they’ll benefit from working with you, i.e. how you’ll solve their problems.


  • Establishes Expertise – If you have case studies, share them in one of your email sequences and you can share a testimonial from your happy customers in another. This builds social proof to help build trust with a potential client and establishes your expertise. When you share that you’ve helped others just like your new subscriber, they’ll feel more comfortable talking to you and sharing their problems. 


  • Sets Expectations – As part of your welcome emails, you’re able to set expectations with your potential client about what is coming next. Perhaps you could let someone know how often they’ll hear from you, or how they can book a meeting. You’re letting someone know how your business operates, that you’re here to help them and you’re telling them how you’re going to do that.


  • Deliver Sales – Don’t forget to offer your services. No welcome email sequence would be complete without that. Make sure you include at least one offer in your welcome emails. This shouldn’t be for the most expensive product or service that you sell. Try and make it for a no-brainer product – one of your best-selling options that is an easy “yes” for any new customer.

If you don’t know where to start on setting up or writing a successful email sequence, give us a call or schedule a quick meeting. We’re great writers and experts at email marketing because we insist on making marketing that matters.