3 Best Tips For Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

If your business has Instagram, you are probably familiar with the Instagram story feature. Instagram stories are not only ridiculously fun and easy to use, but there are great benefits to using them strategically. Instagram stories are the perfect engagement tool. With over 400 million daily users, Instagram stories are the perfect way to help bring more traffic to your business by increasing your top of mind awareness. Below are 3 tips for the best strategies when using Instagram stories.

1. What to Post

Similar to regular posts, it is important to post a mix of fun, lighthearted content as well as promotional content. It is also important to be consistent with your Instagram stories. Creating a theme for your Instagram stories will help your followers recognize your brand. A few things to keep consistent in your stories are the color combinations, layouts, and fonts. There are several apps available that make designing high-quality stories faster and easier than ever. You can use these apps to help you create a unified style that represents your business.

2. Utilize Instagram Features

Instagram has created several useful stickers that each encourage a different type of audience engagement. By applying these stickers to your Instagram story you can instantly interact with your followers. Some stickers include the poll sticker, the emoji slider sticker, and the question sticker. Popular brands use these stickers to create fun quizzes about their products, learn more about what their followers want to see, or create awareness of their latest offers and content. Instagram also offers location and hashtag stickers. Stories are searchable by both location and hashtag. In other words, when people search through location and hashtags, your stories with that same hashtag will appear at the top of the feed, making your account more discoverable.

3. When to Post

When sharing content on any social media platform, it is important to post during the time when your followers are the most active. However, Instagram stories are unique in the fact that they only exist for a maximum of 24 hours. Whether you post at dusk, dawn, or anytime in between, your story will be visible at the top of your followers feed for 24 hours. That being said, do not feel pressured to post on your story at optimal times. The purpose of Instagram stories is to share current and relevant content!

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