2022 Digital Marketing Trends To Know

2022 Digital Marketing Tends

Along with all the treasures 2022 has in store, businesses and marketing agencies will see new marketing trends that will revolutionize our field. With technology and social media making advancements every day, it can become overwhelming to keep up. It can even be overwhelming trying to navigate which trends your business should take advantage of. Don’t fret! We’ve rounded up some of the most anticipated 2022 digital marketing trends to keep a lookout watch.

We’re also looking into how each trend could possibly be beneficial to your brand. Let’s dive in!


In the midst of all the chaos that 2021 brought, we are able to find a silver lining. Most of our daily lives became virtual with remote learning, work, and social distancing. This encouraged many individuals to learn how to navigate video communication sites such as Zoom and Skype. According to Business of Apps, “Zoom was one of the fastest-growing apps of the pandemic, with meeting participants increasing by 2900 percent”. You may be thinking, “how does this relate to trends?” Video communications tap into a previously overlooked method of marketing that is webinars!

With the growing number of participants showing no signs of slowing, the potential market you can reach is huge! Webinars offer a personal experience with all of the convenience of a simple FaceTime call. You also can tailor a webinar to fit your specific, business marketing needs. Choosing a popular topic within your field and advertising it on multiple platforms is a great way for new and existing customers to learn about you and the services you provide. You may have seen some webinars promoted as either paid or free. Free webinars offer value which can in turn, generate leads. Paid webinars are also an option but are more commonly used after you’ve built up enough confidence and or have rare knowledge or expertise on a topic.

Email Marketing

With all of the tools digital marketing has to offer, email marketing seems to fall by the wayside. Well not in 2022! Email marketing is a certified classic way to generate leads, promote new services, and treat your subscribers. Developments in marketing don’t just stop with social media, there is an impending revolution coming to your email inbox.

The personalization of your email is the first place to begin. The urge to open an email that includes your name is almost irresistible. And what better way to connect to your subscribers than by including more personalized content in the body of the email. This could include hyper-specific infographics, shipping updates, or recommended products.

Contrary to popular belief, an email doesn’t have to be “wordy”. In place of a written email, try creating an interactive graphic or downloadable that catches the eye and entices the recipient. Including ratings and reviews in your emails allows a customer to see how your product or service performed for other people just like them. These tips and tricks are perfect if you’re looking to try something new, but old-fashioned subscriber content is good too! If you’re new to email marketing, look into services that best fit your business needs. There are hundreds of email marketing services but they all serve a purpose.

Ad Strategy

As we take a closer look at these trends, we’re honing on a common theme. Personalization. Marketers and business owners alike are going to spend more money on ads in 2022 and that is a fact. But what makes your ad special? Your potential consumers will be asking that same question. Ads have definitely advanced past the age of Craigslist and moved to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in the last 3 years. Users no longer find a blatant ad appealing, and neither do platform developers.

Take TikTok for example, while aimlessly scrolling through entertaining videos for hours, you’ll barely notice that you’ve just watched 7 or 8 ads. The new trend for ads in 2022 is to blend. Be seamless in your approach and cater your ads to the specific platform you plan to use. Even Pinterest executives have begun using the phrase “Stop interrupting. Start inspiring.”. This will decrease agitation and increase curiosity from the viewer.

Another tip to take away is that you want to avoid ad-saturated platforms. Facebook ranks number one in ROAS or return on ad spend, this is a fancy way of saying Facebook has a very large amount of ads. Both Facebook and Instagram have become shopping outlets as well as booming social media platforms and that comes with ads on almost every page you visit. Look into platforms that haven’t been the highest priority, and you will find an unsaturated platform to place your ads.

Bite-Sized Content

A characteristic of the human race is that we are always on the move, whether that means mentally or physically. Always being on the run means that not everyone has time to stop and listen or read your content. Small pieces of “bite-sized” content will become much more common. This comes with catering and personalizing your marketing strategies to target potential customers.

This revelation doesn’t mean go remove your blog or stop making long-form content! Try creating posts that highlight the main points of your long-form content while encouraging viewers to take a look. The development of short content has taken social media platforms by storm. Reels, TikToks, and story posts are ways for you to make informal, fun, and short content that is easily digestible for your followers.

Augmented Reality

Developed in 1957, no one really knew where augmented reality would take us. With a good percentage of the world’s population carrying a high-definition camera in their pocket, snapping a quick picture is an everyday thing. The boom of AR really began when platforms like Snapchat developed filters that incorporated computer-generated images into the users’ surroundings that were only visible through their cameras.

The development led to a groundbreaking mobile game known as Pokémon Go. This was the cemented segway into AR being widely used by people just like you and me. Don’t let the term augmented reality scare you away from the possibilities as a small business owner! According to Social Media Today, “by 2023, the AR market is projected to be generating $70-$75 billion in annual revenue.” This means your field of opportunity within AR is only going to grow. And the even better part is that you don’t need to be a tech wiz to step into this growing trend. Snapchat and Instagram both offer the option of building your own filter and doing so not only covers the bases of AR, it also branches into positive exposure, consumer engagement, and shows your knowledge of the everchanging social media tools.

We’ve covered some pretty amazing developments so let’s do a quick rundown!

  • Webinars – A growing market in the age of the pandemic that capitalizes on personal and professional connections.
  • Email Marketing – An age-old tool that is now being updated and transformed for a more consumer-friendly experience.
  • Ad Strategy – Some of the most used platforms are the ones with an oversaturated ad market. Users are no longer interested in blatant ad placements but prefer a seamless plug to your services or product.
  • Bite-Sized Content – Most social media users only spend about 8 seconds on a single post. Make your content count! Story posts, reels, and other short-form content help highlight main points while engaging the viewer.
  • Augmented Reality – Showing no signs of slowing, AR is and will be a part of our daily lives. Branching into AR doesn’t mean you need to create an app or game, you can simply start by creating a filter on Instagram or Snapchat.

Trends are trends for good reason and developments in our daily lives have a lot to do with how trends come and go. Among the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital marketing, something remains constant, and it’s the fact that the needs and wants of consumers are constantly changing. Finding what works best for your business when it comes to trends, will play a big part in the performance. Being aware of trends, adapting, and embracing the advancements in digital marketing has the power to set your business apart. However, understanding that every trend may not be right for your business is crucial. If you’re looking for assistance navigating your digital marketing strategy for 2022, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!