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Most companies waste an enormous amount of time on marketing and advertising. Why? Because many companies put their trust in the hands of ad agencies and graphic designers who have great degrees but sincerely don’t understand how to simplify your message enough so that you don’t confuse people. It’s simple, if you confuse you’ll lose potential customers.

StoryBrand uses the science behind how our brain receives messages and uses the power of story to engage your customers. It starts with identifying a problem and walking through a process of how your company would help guide your customers to a solution.

In fact, there is a seven-step framework that outlines how to start a story loop that will engage your customers and Cheryl Pigott, President at BG Digital Group, understands this framework. Cheryl has been trained in the SB7 formula and is a certified StoryBrand Guide so she can guide your business to messaging success! If you would like to learn more about StoryBrand, order the book here. If you would like to speak to Cheryl about helping your company clarify your marketing messaging, contact her here.

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