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BG Digital Group

OTT Programmatic

OTT ProgrammaticOTT (over the top) advertising is TV-type content that is coming through anything that is not a cable box. It reaches types of audiences you wish to show your advertising to, which can be highly targeted by demographic and geographic means. These ads are placed in real time so your business’ ads will be delivered at exactly the right time your target market is watching - when they are engaged. It’s a change from traditional ad buying.

With the rise of cord-cutters and smart connected TVs, there were nearly 200 million OTT viewers in 2018. That equates to about the same number of households that subscribe to pay TV according to OTT is synonymous with subscription-based video on demand services that offer access to film and television content on providers like Amazon Video, Hulu, Sling TV, and more. OTT is used to consume content rather than browse content on the web, and is the differing factor between it and pre-roll videos seen online.

OTT programmatic media buys allow your company the ability to tailor a specific message to the right person with higher precision and personalization of messaging and media. Advertising campaigns are more efficiently targeted so the budgets are used more effectively.

BG Digital Group uses OTT advertising vendors to deliver effective campaigns for our clients. We have the first right to inventory. This guarantees quality, 100% full episodic programming you want for pre and mid roll placement and no post roll commercials. Your ads will not be seen as pre-roll on desktop and mobile devices unless we have set up separate campaigns through other digital means for those types of opportunities. We offer unique and frequency reporting so you can see how many unique devices you reached. We have frequency capping on our campaigns so your business’ ads will not be back to back in the same pods. Our VCR completion rate is 95%. If you would like to learn more about how BG Digital Group can help you reach cord cutters and viewers with smart TVs, contact us today! We’re ready to deliver you the best in OTT viewing.