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Geofencing AdvertisingImagine being at a football game and receiving ad alerts for a local restaurant that has great specials that day. Likely, that restaurant is running a geofencing campaign targeting the stadium so that everyone received that ad who is in that location on that day. Geofencing is a location-based targeting advertising service that triggers an action to a mobile device when it enters a virtual boundary or pre-defined location. These actions can be relevant ads to the user like coupons, notifications, engagement offers, push notifications, targeted advertisements on social media, alerts, etc. Geofencing is also a popular medium for companies to deliver in-store promotions, alerting right as you step within the range of the coordinates being targeted. Businesses can also use geofencing to target their competitors’ customers. Wouldn’t it be cool to deliver a low-priced offer for your store when people walk into a competitor’s store?

When it comes to reaching out to your target market, geofencing is a great option because it notifies others instantly through their mobile phone about your product/service whenever they are close to your business or a place you are targeting. For example, if you sit at a stop light and a pharmacy is located nearby, you might be notified of special deals inside the store because you entered into their virtual boundary (true story – it happened to us recently). That pharmacy is using geofencing. We’ve helped a law group target specific hospitals and rehabilitation centers in a city because they knew their target market would be inside of those buildings. Technology and GPS is allowing advertising to be more exact today and your company should take advantage of the low cost and highly effective opportunities.

If you think geofencing would be a great way to reach your target customers, BG Digital Group has geofencing capabilities and can assist your business in developing campaigns so contact us today!