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Website Design and Development

Have you checked your website lately? Is it tired and worn out? Is it responsive and actually working for you to gain the leads needed to make visitors your next customers? Most industry experts believe that your website should be refreshed every few years. Now that you have determined that your website needs redesigning or programming, you should call us. BG Digital Group is a North Carolina digital marketing agency working throughout Morehead City, Jacksonville, New Bern, Raleigh to Charlotte and everywhere in between, specializing in website design & development, social media & search engine marketing and advertising. We have designers that design and programmers that program. Confused? Well, you wouldn’t ask your builder to decorate your house and your programmer should not design the look of your site. Remember what they say about first impressions and your website is usually everyone’s first impression about your business.

BG Digital Group, a North Carolina Ad Agency based in Morehead City, has designed hundreds of websites with many satisfied clients who recommend us to their friends. We can provide 100% custom websites and help businesses with e-commerce, retail, real estate, and tourism based needs. We create effective call to actions that will send qualified customers to your door.

We’ll also make sure that you have killer SEO. We provide hosting and maintenance to ensure it’s always up and running. BG Digital Group also provides emails with exchange capabilities so your email will find you at the office, boat, car, or top of that roller coaster while you’re on vacation.

If you need to manage your website yourself, we can help with implementing a Content Management System that we can develop within your site, train you and then hand over the keys. Plus, BG Digital Group provides analytics about your site so you know if people are actually noticing what your business does. Give us a call today so we can sit down with you and determine your goals, needs and budget to finally get your website working for you!

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