We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.

We make marketing that matters

BG Digital Group is an award-winning agency, specializing in seamlessly merging companies’ advertising and marketing initiatives. We dedicate our work to ensuring your marketing and advertising efforts help you capture more leads and turn them into customers. We have experience working with small businesses, non-profits, and nation-wide corporations and are excited to begin working with you.


Someone once said “digital marketing is dead” and though they shocked many people, they were not wrong. Digital marketing is dead because there’s no need to distinguish between marketing and digital marketing. Digital marketing is marketing. Nowadays, if you are hoping to increase business and grow your client base, you have to have an online presence.

Did you know that 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by online experiences? BG Digital Group is a top NC marketing and advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing, SEM, online video production and driving traffic to your site with qualified shoppers through search ads using relevant keywords. With display advertising, we are able to visually attract new leads to your website. We incorporate traditional media, such as television commercials, into your digital marketing plan through pre-roll, in-roll and post-roll placements so your advertisements are seen across numerous platforms. In today’s advertising world, everything starts with digital and we use our skills to cohesively merge all of your marketing efforts.

As a Google Partner Agency, our digital marketing team members are certified in Google AdWords and Analytics and can help ensure that you get the best digital presence with: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display Advertising, Remarketing Campaigns, and more!

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BG Digital Group manages a variety of social media pages for businesses, non-profits, festivals and events. Our social media marketing team has an expansive knowledge of how businesses can capitalize on trends, reflect authenticity, and truly interact with their customers. Because social media is now how most companies manage their reputation through community relations and customer service, BG Digital Group is the best North Carolina marketing agency to call for help!

When you hire BG Digital Group, we set up your social media pages, plan your editorial calendar, research posts that garner likes and drive leads to your website. We also blog to help educate and attract customers to your business and gain more inbound leads. We make sure your business is conquering the Word of Mouth venue and we know the right call to actions to turn your website visitors into customers.

Alongside our general social media management, our team is capable of covering live events including concerts, festivals, charity events, and business expos. We take your inspired idea for a celebration and turn it into an extraordinary experience. BG Digital Group is equipped to handle all aspects of the event from initial planning and the brainstorming of ideas to set up to the marketing management at the event.

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Some people think that no one watches or listens to traditional media anymore but at BG Digital Group, we think differently. In fact, many of the traditional advertising mediums like cable and broadcast are creating opportunities for commercials to run on television and online through their video on demand apps and their websites. So now a commercial can be seen across many venues, which makes it more important for your business to have the right message and creative. Additionally, many of the commercials we create can also be displayed on social media outlets so a commercial can get more mileage than ever before. Magazine ads, commercial scripts, and billboards are also examples of traditional advertising and though they aren’t as common, they are all still very important to effectively market your business. Our team has the ability to help you grab your audience’s attention the second your commercial fades in from black.

Some of our best work is done when we’re all hands on deck working to connect your traditional advertising to your digital marketing and social presence cohesively. Whether you’re in need of a branding overhaul or looking for radio production and placement, BG Digital Group is the best full-service marketing and advertising agency to hire.

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